Wake On Lan with the Draytek Vigor 2920

I recently switched out my main router for the Dual WAN Draytek Vigor 2920. While setting everything up, I had some trouble getting Wake On Lan to work as I would like.

Sure, the router offers the ability to logon to the Administration Console remotely or trough telnet and wake up a machine from there. But I am spoiled these days and used to waking my computer wit the press of a button. I actually use Wake On Lan for Android to wake my machine while walking up the stairs or from work. I use my Dynamic DNS as a host name.

This is the configuration I finally ended up with. It works both from the internet and the local network.

1. Under “Lan” > “Bind IP to MAC” define a new entry for IP “” with MAC FF:FF:FF:FF:FF

2. Under “NAT” > “Open Ports” you will need to set the following. I added an entry for both my WAN interfaces.

Not the obvoius choice but at least it works 🙂

A new watch for WhiteDog…

Well, not really since I don’t wear a watch at the moment. I however stumbled on this beauty today:

This is the Sony Ericsson MBW-150. It’s not just a watch. It’s a bluetooth watch! It alerts you of incoming calls and messages, controls your music playback and even allows you to divert calls. It should work perfectly with my W880i phone. It should arrive before the end of the week. Stay tuned!