ISP Monitor hack-a-day

I have been busy this week adding new features to the site. I actually managed to add something new every day. So, what has changed?

Contact Form
I added a contact form to the “Contact” page. This was done because the addresses listed where getting huge amounts of spam each day. I noticed legit mails getting caught in the spam filter too. The new contact form however is database-driven so no more messages to us will get lost. Some work still needs to be done on the backend to actually reply to the messages and do some follow-up.

Password Reset
I’m working on a page where you can input your email address in order to receive a new password. When it’s done you will see it appear next to the login link.

Dynamic form Generator
I’m working on a class to handle form generation and validation. This will make it more easy for us to display forms and make layout changes to all forms at once. This will also be used in our admin section to make editing data a lot easier.

Subscription Managment
I had to recreate this page after the server crash but thanks to my new form class this is easier then ever. This will allow us to give others access to modify and add subscriptions, hopefully generating more content from foreign markets.

Site Translation Engine
Same as above, small engine to allow translations by others and display our content in your native language.

If you want to help out translating the site, software or manage subscriptions for your country, do contact us 🙂