Wake On Lan with the Draytek Vigor 2920

I recently switched out my main router for the Dual WAN Draytek Vigor 2920. While setting everything up, I had some trouble getting Wake On Lan to work as I would like.

Sure, the router offers the ability to logon to the Administration Console remotely or trough telnet and wake up a machine from there. But I am spoiled these days and used to waking my computer wit the press of a button. I actually use Wake On Lan for Android to wake my machine while walking up the stairs or from work. I use my Dynamic DNS as a host name.

This is the configuration I finally ended up with. It works both from the internet and the local network.

1. Under “Lan” > “Bind IP to MAC” define a new entry for IP “” with MAC FF:FF:FF:FF:FF

2. Under “NAT” > “Open Ports” you will need to set the following. I added an entry for both my WAN interfaces.

Not the obvoius choice but at least it works 🙂